The Queen is ready to announce….Terminal 5

With just under two weeks to go until London Heathrow’s Terminal 5 finally opens, the frenzy of events surrounding the beginning of operations is hotting up.

This Thursday sees BAA and BA unleash a string of senior managers to brief all and sundry about the terminal ahead of the “official” opening of T5 by Her Majesty The Queen at a ceremony to be held on Friday 14 March 2008.


Operations at T5 begin on Thursday 27 March.New airports rarely enter service without any glitches, and there are many predicting much woe for BAA and BA this summer as T5 beds down. Sceptics point to the baggage handling system as a weak point – but that’s always the case with new airports.

Any short-term hassles will distract, but hopefully not detract from this long-awaited renaissance of Heathrow. I can’t wait to use it.

As we observed last year, Heathrow (and BA) needs Terminal 5 to restore its reputation and sustain its title as THE world’s largest and best international hub. Otherwise there are plenty of pretenders to the throne, not least in the Middle East.

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