What a week

The week that some wish never was saw Southwest Airlines, beloved of Wall Street and frugal flyers, caught up in fight for its fame and the public trust. In the course of six days, it found itself facing a record FAA southwest.jpgsafety fine of $10.2 million, a probe by the FAA, by a congressional committee, by a federal whistleblower-protector and by its own internal watchdog.
This reversal of fortune eclipses any possible merger or acquisition in the States. Flightglobal’s worldly globetrotter, Kieran Daly, discusses this week with Airline Business’s Left Field here, and you can hear more Left Field here and read more here. Kieran also gives some insight into the recent performance of EADS, the parent company of Airbus.

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  1. Steve 14 March, 2008 at 6:00 pm #

    Well after the problems reported we decided we did not want our daughter flying home during spring break with South West and cancelled the ticket . As well as the issues of safety it is highly likely our daughters plane would be cancelled due to so many aircraft being grounded .

    I could not believe my ears when the offer was a credit to only use on their airline in the next 12 months .

    Would you ever want to fly with a company who allowed aircraft to fly when they knew they were unsafe so a credit for a flight in the next 12 months is bloody bullshit

    so the credit is worth nothing to me


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