Branson talks up US plans in Time magazine

Branson%20Bond%205.jpgAt a time when US airlines are dropping like flies into the ointment of Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, a sun-tanned (perhaps a little too sun-tanned) Sir Richard Branson has graced the pages of Time magazine to tell the Americans that Virgin America will “shake up the market”.

In an article spawned from an interview with the “rebel billionaire” at the Sunset Marquis hotel in Hollywood (where else?), Time describes how Branson has “hope for air travel in the US, where poor service and perpetual bankruptcies have turned the industry into a sick national joke”.

The article goes on to say that to order food on a Virgin America flight, passengers just have to select what they want on a touch screen and pay for it using their credit card, and then the food is brought to their seat.

I’ve got to hand it to him, this is a great idea and hopefully other carriers will follow suit.

No more impatient waits for the cumbersome food trolley to slowly make its way down to the back of the plane, where I always seem to get stuck and where, with stomach growling, I’m often told that “we’ve run out of sandwiches”.

Time will tell whether Virgin America does live up to Branson’s high hopes for it, but innovations like that certainly seem to be a step in the right direction.

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