Hooray for the New Global Airline

Well that’s the website address for the new Delta - which is after all going to absorb Northwest Airlines creating a second mega-carrier. The first being Air France-KLM. Both will have similar revenues, of some $30 billion annually.


Since the turn of the year it’s been on, off, on, off for the proposed merger between Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines. Getting those pesky pilots to agree on a merged seniority contract appeared to be the toughest part. Now they’ve sorted their differences out the deal is on.

And, if the effort that’s gone into the website is any demonstration of the conviction in Atlanta and Minneapolis that the deal would eventually be done – and there are plenty of obstacles still to be cleared – then it’s as clear a sign as any of their confidence.Wherever you live in the USA there is a state by state impact assessment of what the merger means for your city.

But will the name of the new carrier be New Global Airline – not NWA but NGA?

No, the answer is simple and obvious – let’s call it Delta.

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