Mayrhuber: 2007 will not be a one-hit wonder for Lufthansa

MayrhuberW200.jpgAmid all the current doom and gloom, today’s comment from Lufthansa chairman and CEO Wolfgang Mayrhuber is interesting: “The record-breaking year 2007 will not be a one-hit wonder.”

After annoucing a record profit and dividend for the year, Mayrhuber is determined the group will not flop back in 2008.

“We have enough thrust for another ascent and we have the flexibility to slow down in case of downwash. We have made provisions – with regards to the balance, strategy and operations…We are concentrating on continuity,” said Mr Mayrhuber.Mayrhuber added that he remained confident that, “the perspectives for the aviation industry are good” and “the demand for mobility shall continue to rise”.

The uncertainty at the financial markets, oil prices at record levels, the possible consolidation of air traffic in the USA and the unbroken rapid expansion course of the Gulf carriers are factors that will challenge the working and creative power of the Group, but challenges that Lufthansa is prepared to face as a global company, he said.

And in Lufthansa’s and Mayrhuber’s case, which is not the case with everyone who is bullish in this regards, you wouldn’t bet against them doing what they say.

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