Silverjet battles on regardless, as EOS calls time

Silverjet will be profitable in a “couple of months”, I heard Silverjet CEO Lawrence Hunt say on the UK’s breakfast business programme on Radio 4 this morning. Cynics might say “if you are still around!”.


He was commenting on the survival prospects for all-business class carriers following the demise this weekend of EOS Airlines. So far Hunt’s Silverjet, the London Luton Airport UK outfit, has outlasted its US-based competitors. MaxJet of course went pop on Christmas Eve. In Europe only French carrier L-Avion remains alongside Silverjet.

The clip can be found on the Listen Again section of the Today programme between 0600 and 0700.Hunt commented that over the past year the carrier has been able to raise fares by about 20% which has partly compensated for rising fuel prices.

So, good luck Lawrence, we know it is incredibly tough and that some are skeptical about your survival. But keep battling on.

Here’s our analysis of the all-premium business carrier market before fuel started to rocket.

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