AirAsia X says it won’t be a flash in the pan

As a journalist I know how something is phrased can be critical. So, take a look at the opening line of this release from AirAsia X today: “AirAsia X, the pioneer Malaysian based long-haul low cost airline proves that it is here to stay and it is all set to spearhead Kuala Lumpur to greater heights as a global low cost hub.”

The key phrase I’ve put in italics.

My interpretation of this is that AirAsia X is feeling the heat, at least in a public relations sense.

Here is a shot of AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes (centre just in case you  didn’t know) at the announcement of the third AirAsia X route from KL to Perth.

AirAsiaX 2.jpg


This story from the press conference announcing its new Perth route from KL shows us why Tony is feeling a tad under pressure.

In it, he moans about not being able to fight on a level playing field with rival Malaysia Airlines, which is matching the fares of his low-cost carrier.

Malaysia is a fascinating market at the moment with two heavyweight CEOs leading the countries main players – Fernandes at AirAsia and Idris Jala at Malaysia Airlines.

Both are straight-talking inspirational types with the knack of identifying with the rank and file and also playing the all-so important political game at home.

Don’t expect either to step off putting the pressure on the other anytime soon.

Read our recent cover interview with Idris Jala here.


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