Beat air rage: smoke a joint, says pressure group

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A pro-marijuana group in the US has come up with a novel way of combating increased instances of air rage: let passengers mellow out before taking a flight by using the airport smoking lounges to have a quick toke on the old waccy baccy.

Reggae legend Peter Tosh famously argued that marijuana could cure anything from asthma to glaucoma, but SAFER (Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation) believes it can also “alleviate anxiety for people who are afraid to fly” and that “passengers could use pot in the smoking lounges at the airport as a safer alternative to alcohol”.

SAFER is recommending that this option is made available to passengers at Denver International Airport, which the Denver Post says is “a hotspot for arrests of drunken, unruly airplane passengers”.

Maybe they have a point – would it really be any worse than getting on a flight with a bunch of blokes on a stag weekend who’ve been getting beered up in the airport bars since before breakfast?

It could also be a good ancillary revenue driver – imagine how many on-board snacks a plane load of stoned passengers with the munchies would buy! 


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