The latest from the IATA AGM

eticket2[1].jpgGreetings from Istanbul, where the Airline Business team has spent the past couple of days pestering airline chief executives for interviews as they dash between meetings at this year’s IATA AGM.

A smattering of those CEOs can be seen in the picture above, posing for a photo shoot yesterday to mark the IATA deadline for 100% electronic ticketing.

This year, as well as covering the event in three daily newspapers , we’ve recruited former Caribbean Airlines chief executive Peter Davies to conduct a series of web video interviews with the big names from the airline industry. It’s been quite an adjustment for Peter to attend the AGM as a hack rather than a CEO, but I think he’s enjoying it!

The formal opening of the event isn’t until tomorrow so in the meantime we’ll continue to stake out the big cheeses in their down time – keep an eye on the video link, which we’ll be updating with new interviews as and when we do them.

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