Take delivery of a new 787 – instant availability

Unfortunately for anyone thinking Boeing has been able to accelerate on the quiet the long-delayed delivery schedule of its 787 Dreamliner, the headline on this blog is deliberately misleading.

The aircraft in question is about 1/50th the size of the real thing because it’s a model. It was on display on the second deck of the HQS Wellington vessel (seen below at her mooring on the River Thames in London) at the Commercial Aviation Inside Air Finance event held on 18th June in London. For more on the Wellington’s Second World War history, which included North Atlantic convoy duty look here.


air finance_wellington.jpg


air finance_life_guard.jpg

The shiny model was a the prize in a business card draw, and a bit of fun at an event where financiers, airframe manufacturers and airlines were reviewing the gloomy prospect for financing aircraft in the coming months and years.


Managing director of Monarch Airlines, Tim Jeans (seen below), the keynote speaker at the event, spotted the model: “I hope I’m going to win the model of 787 as it’s the closest we’re going to get to a 787 for the next five years.”


Air finance_timJ1.jpg



One of the topics Tim talked about was Monarch’s 787 delay horizon and how tricky it is going to be to find interim lift (OK other aircraft) in the meantime.


So who did win the 787? Well sadly for Tim it wasn’t him. Well done to Peter Anderson, the associate director of Allco Finance, who walked away with the prize.

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