United copies American on baggage charge

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United Airlines has copied fellow US carrier American Airlines in charging passengers for the privilege of checking in a piece of luggage. 

In a latest desperate bid to cope with record high fuel prices, and following on from its decision to remove a quarter of its fleet, United today announced that it will charge domestic passengers $15 each way to check one bag.

This is the latest example of how badly carriers in the US are being affected by skyrocketing oil prices and a slowing economy. No wonder United chief executive Glenn Tilton was so evasive at the IATA AGM in Istanbul when we tried to convince him to take part in our on-camera interviews for the website!

American chief executive Gerard Arpey also declined to be filmed. In fact, come to think of it, Hawaiian Airlines chief Mark Dunkerley was the only US airline boss who was brave enough to face our camera.  

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