Farnborough 2008 sound bites

This is my last day at Farnborough as I’ve got to get back to Airline Business headquarters to finish off the August issue with the team.

So here are a few final quotes from my notebook picked up during the day.

1. Boeing 787 programme manager Pat Shanahan during his media briefing on the status of the Dreamliner programme:

“I feel a bit like Brad Pitt,” he chuckles, as the cameras flash, somewhat in awe of being so much the centre of attention. “They don’t let me out a lot,” he adds good humouredly.

Here is my story from Flight Daily News where Pat told me all about where the 787 stands today.

2. Pat Shanahan Quote Number 2:

“I’m a little busy,” he says of his workload getting the 787 ready for first flight later this year.


3. Sir Joseph Arumemi-Johnson, the chairman of Nigerian carrier Arik Air, responding to a question from yours truly about the pain of high oil prices.

His business group has “got a licence to build a refinery in Nigeria” and will look to produce its own aviation fuel. “We don’t have any choice in the matter,” said Dr Michael Arumemi-Ikhide, the airline’s executive director corporate strategy. Who is by the way educated in Edinburgh and Sir Joseph’s son.

4. Sir Joseph on his plans for the interiors of the four Boeing 747-8 Intercontinentals he ordered today at Farnborough.

“Our presidential suites will be like a private jet in an airline.” The 747-8s will have five classes – presidential, first, business, premium economy and economy. There will be 16 suites completely taking up the upper deck of the aircraft.

5. Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp president Hideo Toda on the market prospects for the Japanese company’s newly launched 70-96 seater regional jet.

“We are very optimistic because our MRJ is very competitive especially in a time when we are suffering from very high oil prices.”

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