Has Political Correctness gone too far?

Some jobs are only available for those who can see, like being a photographer, a bus driver or pilot. You would have thought that said jobs wouldn’t be advertised to the blind. So it would surprise you to find an advert for a job as an air traffic controller, which requires 20-20 vision, to be in Braille. Well the St Mary’s airport has done just that.



Posted by Harry Schneider

 St Mary’s airport says that all of their ads are available in Braille to adhere to equal opportunity requirements. But who is going to complain about a job which needs 20-20 vision not being advertised in Braille? I very much doubt that any blind person who came across the ad read past 20-20 vision required!

             Reports claim that the ad has been welcomed by the Royal National Institute for the blind. I presume that the ad is only welcome on principle as no blind person can get the job.

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