The Flight Group jets off to Farnborough

The Farnborough Air Show, renowned for its magnificent aircraft, Red Arrow displays and new commercial airliners is happening next week, writes student Safi Khan. I am working here at Airline Business for a week for my work experience.


This week, The Flight Group gathered up the leading editors for a very rare, important meeting to determine how the vital coverage of the largest and most important event in aviation should be documented.




I had exclusive access into the editor’s meeting on Tuesday morning, and I can tell you what they are planning in the build up to Farnborough.


Seen above, from left to right, Andrew Doyle of the Flight Group, Mark Pilling of Airline Business, Alan Peaford of Flight Daily News, and Max Kingsley-Jones and Murdo Morrison of Flight International.

The philosophy of the Flight Group is: “News is on the website first,” said Managing Editor Content Andrew Doyle


Mark Pilling, Editor of Airline Business magazine, part of The Flight Group said: “Farnborough is where big manufacturers such as Boeing make important announcements and we have to be there to cover them.”


The Farnborough International Airshow is a five-day long trading event, with a weekend where the public visit. The aerospace industry is evolving rapidly and companies are getting ready to make some dramatic announcements this year and The Flight Group is going to be there when it happens.


I found out that Farnborough has got to be covered differently now compared to before now that The Flight Group has to report the news for more outlet. The most important is the website where you can use different types of media such as; video, photos and instant articles being put up. All the different media outlets work together and help each other to keep track of and distribute the very high quality written articles by the 30 journalists at the show.


Flight also publish an award-winning daily paper at the show, which is given out free to every visitor. Flight Daily News, edited by Alan Peaford and his team of ten journalists and five photographers, has been at the show for over 20 years.


In the diary for the air show I found that there are thirty events on Monday and that press conferences are covered by journalists and camera men.


All of the reporters have a specialist field which they report on at Farnborough. For example there are experts who cover air transport, defence or say business aviation.


The Flight Group hopes that its careful organisation will pay off next week as it seeks to be first with the news for the web, produce the best show daily and gather the best material for its post-show analysis.


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