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Slot scramble in the States

Landing slot dispute in New York centres on auctions

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It’s all happening in Europe

Merger and acquisition activity heats up in Europe

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Woman goes to extreme lengths to avoid check-in queues

Woman throws herself on baggage belt

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You too can drive an airport fire-fighting truck

An airport fire-fighting vehicle simulator has been installed in Singapore

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Emirates boasts of green credentials

Emirates launches environmental programme

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When an estimate is just spot on

The Airline Business World Airline Rankings is the industry’s most comprehensive data set for financial and traffic information

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BAA break-up: harsher than expected, but necessary

BAA ordered to sell three of its UK airports

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Gregg walks from Qantas

Qantas CFO Peter Gregg has resigned from the carrier after being passed over for the chief executive’s post

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Lufthansa puts the big guns into JetBlue

Lufthansa has put two of its most senior executives on JetBlue’s board

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Video: Airports can be fantastic, If you have the money!

Editor Mark Pilling recently got the pleasure of sneaking a peek inside Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal at Frankfurt Airport, to see how wonderful the travel experience can be if only you have the money to pay for it:

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