Business class travel: it’s never been so cheap

That well-respected airline analyst at ABN Amro, Andrew Lobbenberg, has pointed the readers of his regular industry commentaries to this piece on the website of the UK’s Times newspaper. And following his lead I will too.

It is a graphic example, in the UK at least, and I am sure readers around the globe can offer similar ones, of carriers slashing fares to keep people flying.

In this case the story is not about the economy section as such but about great offers on business class fares from British Airways, bmi and Virgin Atlantic.

Now here at Reed (the parent of Airline Business/Flight) we are not allowed to fly business but I can tell you the same applies to Premium Economy fares.

I recently booked a New York return with BA in this souped up economy class for just over £600 return – now that’s not a half bad price.

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