Which airline is going bust next? Place your bets

I’m afraid this is a pretty sick blog if you are a lover of the airline industry for I can report that Irish gambling website PaddyPower (www.paddypower.com) is taking bets on which airline is going to go bust next.

Now I like a flutter at the races now and then but I can’t bring myself to put a little wager on the likelihood of FlyGlobespan, SkyEurope, Spanair etc etc going pop. That is even if I could, which I can’t from my office as this gaming site is filtered out by our big brother web monitor, as it should be.


You might have to check out PaddyPower at home as I did to get the following prices!

So, before you get to do that, if you can be bothered, I can report that of last night Flyglobespan is their 6-4 favourite to go bust, followed by Spanair at 6-1 and Finnair and Air Berlin at 10-1 apiece. Must say Finnair is a bit harsh in my view.

Another network carrier, SAS, is at 28-1 while United Airlines is a snip at 33-1.

The longest odds are on Air Force One at 1000-1.

The “next airline to go bust” novelty bet is part of a series that PaddyPower runs like “The next pope” and the “Nobel Peace Prize”.

One notable absentee is Alitalia – all bets are off on the Italian flag carrier for obvious reasons!

Here are terms of the bet:

Applies to the next airline to go into official administration and cease operating (ground all its fleet). Does not include Alitalia. Does not include service/flights being ‘phased out’ before merging with another airline”

And here’s what the site itself says about it’s efforts:

“Ok, so betting on the next airline to go out of business isn’t exactly the nicest market to bet on but it’s what everyone is talking about. As topics of conversation go we’d say it’s right on par with the weather!

We never invisioned how popular betting on the next airline to go bust would become when we went Live with betting last Wednesday. Ever since we reported a significant gamble on XL airlines to go belly up on Thursday afternoon (unless you’ve been living under a stone you’ll know they filed for administration on Friday) punters have been logging on and taking notice of the ever changing odds.

Between Alitalia verging on the brink of bankruptcy and SkyEurope and Air Berlin attracting interest from pessimistic punters it’s all a little too close to call at the moment and if the betting today is anything to go by there could very well be a further ‘spanair’ in the works…(pardon the pun, I couldn’t resist )

Spanair’s odds have crashed from 16/1 to 11/4 today. Will the odds nosedive anymore? The bright side for yee worried commuters is you can practically insure your flights by having a bet on your chosen airline with us. So you see, every cloud has a silver lining afterall!”

Yes it’s horrible, but I bet you can’t resist taking a peek at PaddyPower - I couldn’t!

See what others are saying about PaddyPower on our forum Airspace.

And read what FlyGlobespan’s chairman says in response to speculation from media quarters about the health or otherwise of his business.

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  1. Davies William 8 October, 2008 at 10:36 pm #


    I think the big the boost now will be in America. I think the European Airlines are going to be shaken.

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