Rock concerts: the latest new ancillary revenue opportunity?

Are you a low-cost carrier looking to drum up some publicity?

Have you ever thought about hosting a rock concert on board one of your flights?

That is exactly what Mexican low-cost carrier Volaris did yesterday, when it teamed up with Coca-Cola to sponsor a concert by Zoe y Molotov. If you are not from the Spanish speaking world, you probably never heard of them, but Volaris claims in a press statement that they are “one of the most important rock bands of our times”.



Above and to the right are two photos of Zoe y Molotov singers jamming on board one of Volaris’ A319s at 30,000 feet. Volaris called the flight, which took off from its base at Toluca outside Mexico City and landed in Guadalajara, “Vuelo Zero” or “Flight Zero”. This is designed to promote Coca-Cola Zero, the new sugar free version of Coke. Volaris also coined the flight “making the impossible possible”.

Volaris is the king of finding neat low-cost marketing gimmicks that perhaps other low-cost carriers from other parts of the world could earn buck or two by following. For example, Volaris serves tequila on board its flights which is sponsored by one of Mexico‘s tequila makers. This allows the fast-expanding carrier to provide a frill without having to pay a penny.


Volaris marketing director Jose Calderoni says the onboard rock concert is the latest step in the carrier’s vision “to create the best experiences for its passengers”. He says after coming up with the idea of the concert, Volaris completed an extensive feasibility study and took all the necessary steps to guarantee the safety of the passengers.



The flight took off at 8:15 in the morning, not your ideal time for a rock concert. But as you can see from this picture that didn’t stop passengers from singing along. The three photos with this blog were provided by Volaris, but for more pictures, check out the band’s fan website, where “Flight Zero” drew significant attention.

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  1. Brian Lusk 21 October, 2008 at 1:37 pm #

    It’s great to know that once again other airlines are copying us here at Southwest Airlines. We have been having inflight concerts for over two years. Check out Chris Mainz’s blog post.

    Brian Lusk
    Southwest Airlines

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