Goyal and Mallya put aside their differences to bless an India marriage

They’ve both got big egos and have not been shy of giving the other a good verbal bashing from time to time, but Naresh Goyal and VJ Mallya have proved they are men for the big occasion by putting aside their differences and teaming up.


It is a remarkable bonding after a brief affair that has been wholly brought on by spiralling losses in India’s domestic makret. Goyal, the founder of Jet Airways, has warned of even deeper losses this year, while Mallya has been finding it tough to find a good use for several Airbus wide and narrowbodies parked up in France.

So, the announcement today of a wide-ranging alliance is a sensible move from the two, who have risen to prominence because of business acumen, strong personal drive, and now, clearly the ability to swallow their pride, swallow their losses and make the bold steps necessary for survival.

I for one will be fascinated to see the details of this new alliance. Already I’m wondering what the eventual merged carrier will be called, for surely that is the end game.




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