Low cost touches down in Iran

Iran is a country from which very little information about it’s air transport industry emerges. So, when in an interview with Amadeus the other day they tell me they’ve sold one of their Pioneer reservation platforms to an Iranian low-cost start-up I got very interested.

They kindly passed on the website details of the airline, which is called easeon air. I will reserve judgement about the name. No, in fact I won’t, it’s plain rubbish isn’t it.


Apparently the carrier will begin operating later this year, but I only have this second hand so if any of you know better please tell me. Amadeus said they are migrating easeon to Pioneer at the moment.

The site tells us the carrier will fly domestically and to the UAE and will be the country’s first LCC. Tehran will be its base and it will be privately owned.

My colleague at sister media outlet Air Transport Intelligence first go a sniff of an LCC in Iran a couple of years ago. Here’s what David Kaminski wrote back then:

Iran said to approve first low-cost carrier

London (10Jan06, 16:02 GMT, 126 words)

Investors in Iran are said to be preparing to establish the country’s first low-fare carrier, named Izan Air, which is to begin operating during the summer of this year.

Reports from Tehran indicate that the company has been given permission to set up operations by the Iranian Civil Aviation Organisation.

Izan Air’s director general, identified as Hashem Afsarian, is cited in Iranian media as suggesting that the airline would use Boeing 737-300/400 aircraft. It would start services with three jets and increase its fleet to five within the first year.

Reports add that the carrier would offer fares about 10% lower than those of other carriers in the country. Izan Air suggests that it would operate to cities such as Tabriz in the north of Iran.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news


So there you have and you read it here first. Fill free to add more details to our scanty knowledge of easeon air (not easy to write) and if you are from easeon do get in touch and tell us more about yourselves.

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