Air France-KLM gives shareholders a Second Life


Air France-KLM has created a new home for its shareholders on the web, where they will be able to take a “high-flying tour through the different structures that are open to them, powered by their special ‘jetpack’”.

Gone are the days of trawling the airline’s website for the Investor Relations section, where quarterly results and other information of interest to shareholders is unexcitingly laid out in list format.

Instead, Air France-KLM shareholders can visit An island in the sky, a website hosted by Second Life which the carrier is billing as “a new platform where shareholders can meet, share information and get updates on the latest financial news from the group”.

Among the documents available to shareholders will be an interactive library containing the carrier’s most recent financial publications, interactive 3D stock market information, and a virtual auditorium for interactive meetings.

Air France-KLM chairman Jean-Cyril Spinetta says of the new website: “The Second Life universe gives our shareholders a place to learn about the group and exchange information and ideas in a convivial, interactive environment.”

For more information, see this press release.

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  1. Davies William 28 November, 2008 at 10:51 pm #


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    Best of Luck for Air France and their participants.

    William Davies.

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