BA staff slag off passengers online


There was quite an amusing little story in The Telegraph over the weekend about British Airways staff using the Facebook social networking site to describe their passengers as “smelly and annoying”.

The report says a Facebook page created by “London Gatwick Ground Staff” features BA staff complaining about passengers who put their boarding passes in their mouths before handing them over, and showing their distaste for passengers with “stupid American accents”.

This follows an incident in which several Virgin Atlantic staff were fired after using a social networking site to describe their passengers as “chavs”.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “chav”, here’s an explanation. (Also see picture.)

In the past, disgruntled workers went for a pint after work with their colleagues to vent their frustration about their boss/customers/other colleagues, but it seems that Facebook has now replaced that. Welcome to the modern age!

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