Is O’Leary poised to unveil long-haul low-cost plan?

Our friends at Flight scooped this story ages ago, and since then Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary is continuously asked if and when he is going to launch a long-haul low-cost airline.

A few weeks ago the main hurdle in the way appeared to be cheap aircraft. O’Leary seems to have several investors lined up, including himself of course.

Now hints have emerged that at tomorrow’s press conference to announce the carrier’s second half results O’Leary will tell us more – perhaps he has finally got the aircraft at the price he needs to make the plan make sense.

In early October he said the plan could be activated “if aircraft fleet values collapse and there’s every prospect of that happening now in this kind of recession, particularly with long-haul traffic collapsing”.

Thing is, I didn’t think prices had really fallen spectacularly – at least not yet? If they have that’s big news in itself.

O’Leary rarely disappoints at his press conferences, and tomorrow’s looks like being no different.

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