Michael B tickles the ivories in Atlanta

Travelling from the UK to Cancun in Mexico for the Latin Airline Leaders Forum has taken me via Atlanta, my first visit to the world’s busiest airport (as the TSA guard reminded us) for some time.


Atlanta is almost the perfect transfer airport: anonymous and devoid of personality but it works.

pianist with stefan 2V2.JPG

So I was pleasantly surprised to see Atlanta injecting a little bit of atmosphere into the centre of Concourse E with some live music. Michael B – pianist, composer, arranger - as his card says, was treating the Tuesday late afternoon crowd to a few easy tunes.

I am part of the Airline Business team travelling to Cancun to cover the Leaders Forum, which is run by the Association of Latin American Airlines and also features its annual meeting.


We are producing a daily paper at the conference, as we did for the IATA AGM this year in Istanbul and at Routes in Kuala Lumpur. We’ve done one issue in advance and issues 2 and 3 will be available from Friday and Monday next week respectively.


An interesting feature of the Latin market is that it is the only region of the world where traffic is still growing. Just how long that is the case will be a topic of debate in the next couple of days.


For the eagle-eyed among you, see if you can spot in the photograph Stefan, the “action man” pilot puppet given to me for the trip by my colleagues at Flightglobal.com.


I will leave it to our community editor Stuart Clarke to explain the significance of Stefan. This is a test to see if he is reading this blog.

pianist with stefanv3.JPG



Over to you Stu!

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2 Responses to Michael B tickles the ivories in Atlanta

  1. Stuart 19 November, 2008 at 6:45 pm #

    Ah Stefan! Good work Mark, make sure you bring him back safely :-)

    To briefly explain, Stefan is going to become a feature of Flightglobal. As our journalists take him around the world, we aim to plot his movements, take pictures of him at world events and track his mileage as we attempt to get him to the more far flung destinations in the world.

    Test passed i think Mark.

  2. Mark Pilling 19 November, 2008 at 7:10 pm #

    Passed with flying colours Stu!

    Thanks for the explanation – let’s see what Stefan gets up to here in Cancun….

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