Monarch CEO against Heathrow expansion

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Here’s something you don’t see very often – an airline chief executive speaking out against plans to build a third runway at London Heathrow.

In an interview with UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph, Monarch Airlines managing director Tim Jeans says the decision to expand Heathrow “will affect countless people living under the flight path”.

He adds that “environmental concerns must be taken seriously and decisions that may seem unpalatable for business need to be taken”.

But before you start to see Jeans as some kind of environmentalist who happens to work in the aviation industry, I should point out that later in the interview he says expansion at London Gatwick (one of Monarch’s bases) would be preferable.

This sounds like the opposite of nimbyism – while many anti-Heathrow expansion lobbyists are against the third runway because it will quite literally be in their backyards, Jeans seems to be saying airport expansion is OK as long as it is in Monarch’s backyard. (Lets out exasperated sigh.)

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