Cathay’s Tyler talks sense

I’m guessing that Cathay Pacific CEO Tony Tyler gave this interview to UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph en route to the latest meeting of the oneworld airline CEOs in Madrid yesterday.

In it he talks a lot of sense about consolidation. The sense being consolidation does not always make sense.


Tyler is also refreshingly honest, as usual, about the big challenges Cathay is facing as premium demand tumbles and cargo throughput falls.

At last year’s IATA annual meeting in June, Tyler was extremely realistic about the prospects for the business in the coming year. He clearly had some early warning indicators flashing.

The big issue then was the high price of fuel. Cathay issued a profits warning just weeks after the IATA meeting.

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2 Responses to Cathay’s Tyler talks sense

  1. Michael Fisher 5 February, 2009 at 4:25 am #

    If Cathay are losing business they deserve to if for no other reason than introducing an appallingly uncomforatble new bone hard economy seat (like trying to sleep on a shell suitcase). No recline possible (supposedly to stop the person in front disturbing you!). The underpart does move frward but since any normally sized person’s knees are already pressed againt the rock hard seat in front this is irrelevant. 12 hours of this was hell. I’m old enough to know that this endurance test is not the fault of cabin crew but Cathay are going to get a serious air rage incident. I will not travel with Cathay again (despite being a long-term loyal customer) until this untested, appalling innovation (apparently the woman responsible has now left Cathay…too late I fear) is discontinued. I advise all travellers who value their limbs and joints to give Cathay a wide berth (which is more than they have done for their passengers!).

  2. Mark Pilling 5 February, 2009 at 9:12 am #

    Thanks for the comment Michael. I haven’t flown CX new economy but I have heard people make similar complaints. Clearly it must be horrible in your view for you to avoid what is generally regarded as a good Asian carrier.

    Does anyone else have a view on Cathay’s economy product.

    This is what my colleague Brendan Sobie wrote when the new seat was unveiled a couple of years ago:

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