Message from a disloyal blogger

Well that’s how I feel now that I’ve started this Twittering business. Blogs are history. Long live Twittering.

OK, that’s not true! I’ve got to feel loyal to blogging. It has served us well in the past couple of years that we’ve been doing it as a team here at Airline Business. We are getting over 4,000 visits to our blog a week, which is none too shabby. Although we are well in the shade of our blogmeister general here at Flightglobal – Jon Ostrower’s Flightblogger.

Now I am going to be loyal to blogging, especially as I am on the way, via Heathrow Terminal 2 (very quiet), to Vienna for our new Loyalty event, which we are doing in partnership with FFP guru Ravindra Bhagwanani.

There is a long list of Twitters in the Flightglobal stable. Check out Jon Ostrower, Andrew Doyle, Victoria Moores, Mike Targett and Stuart Clarke, plus lots of others.

Take a look at where they are and what they are saying.

Now to liven up this blog a little here is a photo. This Clickair A320 was just rolling to the gate here at T2 when I arrived. In the background are some bmi A320s and its fellow Star Alliance partners United Airlines and US Airways.

ClickAir at Heathrow.JPG

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