Anti-Heathrow protestor gunges Peter Mandelson

If you haven’t seen it yet – or if you just want to see it again – take a look at this video on Sky News of someone throwing green custard in the face of UK business secretary Peter Mandelson to protest the government’s approval of a third runway for London Heathrow.

And just in case you want to see it again in slow motion:


Plane Stupid protestor Leila Deen attacked Lord Mandelson with a cup of green slime this morning, and she says unrepentantly: “The only thing green about Peter Mandelson is the slime coursing through his veins.

“That Mandelson is today trying to make political capital out of climate change just days after reports that he met BAA’s top lobbyist several times in the run-up to the Heathrow decision is an insult to our intelligence and to our whole generation that will suffer from climate change.”

And while we’re on the subject of politicians having stuff hurled at them, what an opportune moment to once again watch former UK deputy prime minister John Prescott responding to having an egg thrown at him by smacking a member of the public in the mouth.

Not aviation-related, I admit, but heck it’s Friday and it’s one of those clips you never tire of watching!

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