Get naked for a free flight

A strange article on The Times’ website today says the paper has received an email telling it that an unnamed airline wants 999 people to take their clothes off to publicise a new airline launching in the UK.

The email apparently included a link to this website, which says 999 members of the public will be given two free flights to one of eight European destinations from London Gatwick if they take part in the nude-fest.

The Times rightly points out that Aer Lingus is about to launch service to eight destinations from Gatwick. The carrier announced in December that it would open a Gatwick base in April with flights to Munich, Zurich, Vienna, Malaga, Faro, Nice, Knock and Dublin.

But the newspaper also points out that this could all be a stunt by Ryanair to try and undermine its bitter rival’s attempt to open a European base outside Ireland. It certainly has the hallmarks of a Ryanair publicity stunt, and doesn’t sound like something you’d typically associate with Aer Lingus.

I guess it will all become clear soon. I just have two questions: If it is a stunt by Ryanair, does the airline really not have anything better to do with its time than this? And are there really 999 people willing to strip off in public, in winter, just for a crumby free flight to Europe?

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  1. MJS 9 March, 2009 at 9:43 pm #

    The stunt seems to be co-ordinated by an alternative marketing firm named Hotcow. Hotcow have clearly done aviation work before: they list American Airlines as a previous client, as well as UK travel firm Thomson. It will be interesting to find out who is behind this, but I was always under the impression Ryanair preferred to do their silly publicity in-house. This is almost too subtle for Mr O’Leary.

  2. O Horn 12 March, 2009 at 4:21 pm #

    The agency is Golley Slater – a press release was issued today.

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