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BA to give away flights to small businesses

“We’ve put up the flights to allow the SMEs to travel to do business,” says Walsh

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Temperatures soar over Delta-Nigeria “poor” service saga

Temperatures soar over Delta’s “poor” service on Nigerian route

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Grand Prix action with Gulf Air in Bahrain

Gulf Air maximises its exposure as the title sponsor of the Bahrain Grand Prix

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Gulf Air CEO Bjorn Naf: Playing catch up in Bahrain

Gulf Air is struggling to keep its revival plan on course

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Clickair innovates with new fare lock function

Just when it seemed like all obvious ancillary revenue streams were nearing exhaustion, Spanish budget carrier Clickair has come up with a new cash-generating innovation. It has introduced a new Internet booking feature, giving passengers the option of paying a €2 ($2.70) fee to lock their chosen fare for 24 hours, or €5 to guarantee it for up to 72 hours. […]

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Premiership footballers are so normal they might fly easyJet

‘It is refreshing that a club like ours has done well,” says Moyes. “We are different, we might still get on Easyjet like the average man would do.”

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Wake up and smell the airline

UK budget carrier EasyJet will from next month start serving Starbuck’s coffee onboard selected flights

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Ryanair sells its front page

Ryanair is now selling advertising on its website – is that a good thing?

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Delta you can’t come to Nigeria with that clapped out 767

Nigeria frowns up Delta using an “old” 767 to serve its capital Abuja

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Cathay Pacific boss Tony Tyler: on the record

Cathay Pacific chief executive Tony Tyler talks to Airline Business

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