Korean’s got talent!

I was in Seoul last week to interview Korean Air’s chairman and chief executive Yang Ho Cho for the next issue of Airline Business, where I saw at first hand how things have taken off in a slightly unexpected way for a group Korean Air’s marketing team after they put together their own tribute to South Korean boy band Super Junior.


Korean Air Sorry Sorry parody.jpg

The Korean Air staff’s parody of Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry song, which they danced to at the company’s occasional internal talent-style show, developed a life of its own after the accompanying video they made took off on the web. The story made the national news channels too that day, continued to rack up hits on the web (on youtube alone it already has nearly 80,000 views so far) and has led to an appearance on a prime time Korean television talent show.

You can check out the Korean Air Sorry Sorry parody here and, for those of you (like me) who are not familiar with the original, here’s a link to Super Junior doing their version so you can compare….








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