Paris 2009: Inside the Sukhoi SuperJet – lots of pictures Pt I

Those friendly folks at Sukhoi kindly let a few of us from Airline Business and Flightglobal take a peek inside the Sukhoi SuperJet here at Paris.


In this shot (below) you can see me, Mark Pilling, and the test equipment that lines the main fuselage. After the show the aircraft returns to Russia for more testing and then goes to Armenia for hot-and-high work.


The aircraft is the second flying prototype and takes part in the flying display every day.


Sukhoi has put a few rows of seats in this prototype to show visitors what a proper cabin configuration could look like. The company says the SuperJet is a regional aircraft with a mainline aircraft feel. It certainly is wide. The general layout is for 98-seats in a 3-2 configuration.



Grigory Feodorov of Sukhoi’s Aircraft Technical Support is on hand to answer any questions about the SuperJet’s test programme.


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