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flot_shapka.jpgOur sister publication, Air Transport Intelligence, is reporting that Roman Pakhomov has been named as the new head of Russian carrier Rossiya.

There’s a bit of background there because former director general, Sergei Mikhalchenko, resigned over a disagreement linked with the airline’s change of status.

Russian Technologies has secured control of Rossiya, alongside assets in half a dozen domestic carriers, with the aim of forming aviation holding Rosavia.

“We’ve tried to present our arguments but Russian Technologies has its own vision of the matter and ignored them,” said Mikhalchenko in an ATI story at the time. “I cannot continue working in these conditions.”

Read on to see the full ATI story about Pakhomov’s appointment.

Rossiya confirms Pakhomov as new chief

London (22Jul09, 10:49 GMT, 44 words)

Russian carrier Rossiya has confirmed the appointment of Roman Pakhomov as the airline’s new chief.

The decision follows the resignation of Sergei Mikhalchenko from the helm of the St Petersburg-based carrier.

Pakhomov is the former director general of VIM-Avia and executive director of Atlant-Soyuz.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news


2 Responses to New chief at Rossiya

  1. Igor Kulikov 4 September, 2009 at 12:12 am #

    I’ve worked as Mr. Mihalchenko’s assistant for the past two years. What I see is an ongoing power struggle between Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Moscow’s mayor has a great deal of influence in Russia and has been trying to stick one back to Saint-Petersburg ever since Peter the Great shaved moscovite’s beards over 300 years ago. Moscow government wants a piece of Rossiya at any cost. And they do, in fact, have nothing but money oozing from every crevice and are quite capable of doing what they please, especially at the expense of over 5,000 jobs in Saint-Petersburg.

    I have known Mr. Mihalchenko for over 20 years and find him to be a noble patriot of his people. He is a 30-year veteran pilot and an outstanding chief. He is especially known for his corruption fighting methods and running a lean business based on Western principles. Mihalchenko had a clear and concise plan to turn Rossiya into a World-class airline, and it was working.

    Mr. Pahomov is a boat driver with a few years of running the Moscow government’s airline behind his back and no clue of what it takes to run an international air carrier. One thing going for him is that he is also from Saint-Petersburg but do not let that fool you – he works for Moscow’s mayor.

    The new owners, Russian Technologies, have ousted Mihalchenko using their pitiful excuse that he has accumulated too much debt. But it is obvious that the plan Mihalchenko put in place was and is working and Rossiya will be debt-free by the end of this year. Of course the new GM will take all the credit for that, having done absolutely nothing new.

    As far as Moscow’s mayor is concerned: I have great doubts about his sanity – the man continues to insist that the United States will cease to exist within two months, publicly!

  2. Victoria Moores 7 September, 2009 at 3:19 pm #

    Thanks for your insight, Igor. Clearly these are your personal views and we’d be happy to hear from anyone else with a different perspective or direct experience of this carrier’s strategy and personalities.

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