CSA tells Air France to heed its own advice

Yesterday Air France-KLM revealed it is has pulled out of the privatisation of CSA Czech Airlines because the economic climate on has “significantly impacted” the airline business.

The SkyTeam giant offers some advice to its Czech partner: “Under such circumstances, Air France-KLM believes that CSA might focus on developing and implementing a stand-alone recovery plan aimed at restoring its profitability.”

Radomír Lašák1 from CSA release.JPG

Czech Airlines chief Radomír Lašák

But it seems Czech Airlines, while understanding Air France-KLM’s decision, is not about to take these gentle words of advice lying down.

It rebuffs: “For Czech Airlines – as for other airlines – the only priority for 2009 is to flexibly respond to the market crisis. Czech Airlines trusts that Air France-KLM, as well as Czech Airlines itself, will manage their downsizing processes.”

So there.

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