JetBlue breaks a million followers on Twitter

It’s a landmark of sorts: JetBlue Airways has become the first airline to get over one million people following its Twitter social networking output.


Yesterday it was at 993,000 or thereabouts – today at just gone 0900 GMT it stood at 1,000,215.

This is remarkable growth in itself. In February it had 26,000 followers.

JetBlue is easily the biggest airline on Twitter – and many airlines are joining. Tell me if I’m wrong but I think Southwest Airlines, which is growing strongly too with 418,000 followers, is the second largest.

Even in the big wide world these are big numbers. The most popular Twitter globally is somebody called Ashton Kutcher with over 3 milllion followers. Got to say I’ve got no idea who this is, but then I don’t live in the USA and have low exposure to celebrity culture.

Other big Twitterers are found on Twitterholic.

JetBlue is also breaking out its Twitter. It has introduced JetBlue Cheeps, which offers via Twitter cheap fares on a Monday. This already has over 21,000 followers.





4 Responses to JetBlue breaks a million followers on Twitter

  1. David Learmount 7 August, 2009 at 10:07 am #

    Has JetBlue put a money figure on what its Twitter following is worth to it, either in money or less tangible stuff like loyalty? What sort of thing do their Tweets say/do? Is it a cheap way of advising pax of flight delays etc and advertising new services?

  2. Stephen Michaelson 18 September, 2009 at 6:11 am #

    jetBlue, excellent as it is, is only #2 on the Airlines Social Media All-Stars list. We are aggregating the data (as we find it) and doing some rudimentary scoring of all airlines’ use of certain social media (Twitter, Facebook, and blogs) on this page:

    We have, in one clickable table, the data plus links to each airline’s accounts.

    Best regards –

  3. sunil 30 October, 2009 at 8:56 pm #

    not surprised at all. a lean, niche, likable airline will continue to get follower-ship in the masses. isn’t it the only profitable airline right now since southwest also turned a lost for the first time ? i believe fuel hedging bit them in the arse . .

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