BA’s unlikely business guru: Darth Vader

Darth.jpgHe’s not your average role model, but that hasn’t deterred British Airways from flagging up Darth Vader’s leadership qualities.

Darth is the first to be profiled in a new series of “unlikely business gurus” which is being run by British Airways’ business life publication.

In the piece, BA celebrates Darth’s more positive attributes, which include decisiveness, swift action, devoted staff, an insatiable desire to succeed and his wide variety of skills (to quote: “he doesn’t just sit behind a desk, he gets out and flies a fighter ship alongside his junior pilots”).

The article also credits Darth’s dress sense which gives him an authoritative air of mystery: “If people can’t read your face and don’t know what you’re thinking, they can experience an uncomfortable sensation that puts them on the back foot,” says the airline.

But even the baddest man in the galaxy has some flaws. BA acknowledges that old Darth was a tad prone to mood swings, adding that his tendency to bully and torture staff represents a bit of an HR liability.

Finally, he made a fundamental error in allowing family issues to cloud his judgement. “In the end, [Darth] revealed himself as a sentimental pussycat and showed a modicum of remorse as the empire crumbled. Sometimes, you just can’t let the mask slip,” quips the oneworld carrier.

One reader responds: “I look forward to seeing Ming the Merciless up next month.”

(Picture credit: Sipa Press/Rex Features)


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4 Responses to BA’s unlikely business guru: Darth Vader

  1. Kero Zen 24 September, 2009 at 12:30 pm #

    That is it: Darth Vador being a “sentimental pussycat”, I stop flying BA! (lol)

    To BA staff, beware of what might come. Exploring qualities of one the best vilain in movie history doesn’t look good, especially when you give him credit for “devoted staff”.
    It only comes from fear of their director… :p

    Many happy landings


  2. Victoria Moores 24 September, 2009 at 1:09 pm #

    Thanks for your feedback. Not sure he’s an obvious role model, but you have to give BA credit for interest factor. It’s certainly been a bit of a talking point here in the Flight office.


  3. Clive Raymond 29 September, 2009 at 7:47 pm #

    BA’s voyage to the dark side began after John King’s departure. For Darth read dearth …

  4. Virgil Bosch 24 December, 2009 at 9:59 am #

    Well, maybe not so ideal – but big change to the world of internet.

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