Enjoying the app at Air Canada

Air Canada management believes its introduction in mid-August of its Apple iPhone application is meeting resounding success.

iphone.jpgDuring an investor presentation earlier this month carrier CFO Michael Rousseau said at that point the application had logged 75,000 downloads, and resided in the top 10 of all Apple’s applications .

Touting the functionality of the app Rousseau says travellers can retrieve electronic boarding passes, track flight information in real time and receive real-time notification of itinerary changes.

The carrier was the first North American airline to introduce its free iPhone application.




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  1. Roger 23 September, 2009 at 8:32 pm #

    By contrast you should try Singapore Airlines mobile experience at http://m.singaporeair.com which provides 3 options (iPhone, web app and java phone app) except all 3 options ask for your phone number and then fail with an error. If you use their web contact form, it deletes your feedback and then fails with an error. If you try to email postmaster or webmaster then that fails with an error too! This has been going on for at least a month. You always have to wonder why no one reads error logs and no one notices no downloads or usage of mobile options. Strange company.

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