Ryanair fires pre-emptive shot at Panorama

Ryanair has come out fighting in advance of a BBC Panorama programme on the carrier, due to air in the UK shortly.

In a similar approach to that taken by the budget carrier over a Channel 4 Dispatches programme back in 2006, Ryanair has today published correspondance between the programme makers and the airline, and hit out at the programme makers. 

“To date Panorama have made two false allegations about Ryanair, the first of which is that we apply hidden charges – when everybody knows that all Ryanair charges are published and must be agreed to by passengers before they are allowed to make a booking,” says chief executive Michael O’Leary. “And secondly that Ryanair reached agreement with Airbus on an aircraft order back in 2001, when the facts and the correspondence patently show we didn’t.”

The correspondance published by Ryanair shows the carrier rejected an initial approach for an interview with Michael O’Leary, saying it did not want to be involved in “yet another BBC programme which clearly looks to portray Ryanair negatively”. O’Leary later offered to appear on condition the interview was either live or broadcast uncut – conditions rejected by the programme makers on principle, who insist the programme will be “fair and balanced”.

You can see the correspondance for yourself here


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