VIDEO: BBC puts O’Leary Panorama interview uncut, online

The BBC broadcast its Panorama programme about Ryanair yesterday – please feel free to comment about it here as we’d love to know what you thought of it. For me the whole programme was overshadowed by the sideshow around Michael O’Leary’s terms for doing an interview (live or uncut) – which the BBC would not agree to for the 30-minute pre-recorded Panorama broadcast. Last night’s show did include some clips from when Panorama reporter Vivien White approached O’Leary after the carrier’s AGM in Dublin last month and the BBC have put the full interview (unedited) on their website – all nine and half glorious minutes of it (that’s about a third of a Panorama programme) – so judge for yourself whether it was cut to meet “Panorama’s agenda” as O’Leary suggests it would be.

My two favourite bits are:

1. When O’Leary says he can’t do the interview now as he has to go and defend the airline in an interview (live) he is doing for another BBC programme (You and yours).


Ryanair Panorama (200).jpg2. The casual, but slightly puzzled look of the guy with the moustache standing in the background – he doesn’t look like he is with Ryanair or the BBC to me, so just who is? And I love the way at one point he actually moves to his right, just to make sure he is still in shot. 

Anyway expect O’Leary, who had his say last week before the programme aired, to give the BBC somre more feedback during a press conference in London this morning.

Here’s the link, enjoy:

Uncut: Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary


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  1. Winford Lessen 24 December, 2009 at 10:17 am #

    Well, maybe not so ideal – but big change to the world of internet.

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