Farewell Heathrow T2

A landmark day in Heathrow’s history today, as the last passengers transit through Terminal 2 today before it is knocked down and work begins on its successor.

It is being knocked down after 54 years in service and was originally designed to cater for 1.2 million passengers annually (and last year handled 7.5 million). It used to look like this back in the 1980s (actually, it does sort of look a bit like this now come to think of it).

T2 1980s.jpg

The old terminal is being knocked down to make way for the new Heathrow East modernisation which will ultimately become home for Star Alliance carriers.

Work begins on the new terminal next year and it is scheduled to open to passengers in 2014. To take a peek at what its successor will look like and for more details click here.


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