For sale: bargain Heathrow slots

Who would have thought selling slots at London’s congested Heathrow airport could be this hard?

A few years back, as US, Middle Eastern and Indian carriers piled into Heathrow, slot prices boomed.

1slots_resized.jpgNow, as this interesting story from The Times says, the recession means shifting these once priceless assets is no easy matter, at least for anything approaching a decent price assuming a buyer is around.

For loss-making bmi, which is essentially built around the value of its Heathrow slot portfolio, and desperately needs cash in the next year, this is a body blow.

The fall in slot values is however only going to be a temporary measure, but it looks as if temporary could be a couple of years rather than months, and that is not good news for bmi or parent Lufthansa as they seek to revive the ailing UK carrier.

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