Another good O’Leary interview here

Just a quick point to another in the recent mini-flurry of interviews with Michael O’Leary, this one in the Irish Independent focusing less on Ryanair and more on the man himself (though separating the two is not always easy!). Here’s a little extract, giving his response when asked if in a different universe he could have had a career in stand up comedy.

O'Leary.jpg“I wouldn’t.get away with a lot of things because I’m perceived to be a rich, successful businessman. And rich successful businessmen are normally boring bastards in business suits pontificating about the world. And I tend not to be. I wear jeans because it’s comfortable. So I’m slightly different from the run of the mill. In the past few years I’ve become a parody of myself, in any case.”

It’s a really interesting piece and you can read Carissa Casey’s full article here.

And just a quick plug, if you haven’t already seen it, for the interview piece we ran in Airline Business at the end of last month. Focusing on O’Leary’s importance to the Ryanair model, its pulled together largely from a couple of one-on-one interviews with O’Leary we had at press conferences late last year, and I think makes for one of our most interesting cover features. Read the full article here 

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