Mind-reading: the next level of security?

Brain scan.jpgAfter the Christmas Day attack on a Delta Air Lines Airbus A330, it’s hardly surprising that aviation security is again under the spotlight.

We’ve already witnessed the furore over body scanners, which show a little too much detail, but that’s as far as it can go, right?

Apparently not, according to this article from Raw Story, an ”alternative news nexus” which which claims to “unearth and spotlight stories underplayed by the popular press”.

The piece talks about new “mind-reading scanners” from Israeli firm WeCU Technologies (as in “we see you”). Apparently this system would projects images onto airport screens which would only be recognised by a would-be terrorist.

“The logic is that people can’t help reacting, even if only subtly, to familiar images that suddenly appear in unfamiliar places. If you strolled through an airport and saw a picture of your mother, you couldn’t help but respond,” explains WeCU chief Ehud Givon in the article.

The logic sort of works, but is this really on the cards? The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute lists a company called WeCU on its website, but it only appears to employ three people and the website link is under construction and requires a password.

Genuine or not, it makes for an interesting talking point.

[Photo credit: US National Institute on Aging]

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4 Responses to Mind-reading: the next level of security?

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    Neuroscientist’s institutes in Sweden is developing a new era of global access mind reading and mind control technologies. “Synthetic telepathy” is a two-way communication channel between a computer and the brain (Brain interface) Synthetic telepathy can be used for telemetric heath control and health care as well as a government tool for mind control. Neuro scientists in many countries says they are afraid of these new technologies and are asking for an ethic debate before it is too late. They point out that the risk for abuse is big.

  2. watchurback 18 January, 2010 at 11:45 pm #

    Israeli company Nemesysco has already produced brain-reader for airport passenger examination

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