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Kenya Airways and AFRAA make up

Kenya Airways has rejoined the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) after a six-year rift between the two, delivering on its promise to return once the leadership of the body changed. Titus Naikuni, who is Kenya Airways chief executive, says the change of heart is directly linked with new AFRAA secretary general Nick Fadugba taking up office on […]

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New revenue stream for budget carriers: Premiership footballers

Could low-cost carriers, already picking up additional business traffic as a result of the recession, be about to tap in to a new demand – premiership footballers?

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Keep waiting for that O’Leary transatlantic plan

But now we have had a recession, how close to reality does a such [low-cost transatlantic] plan look now? Not very it seems. “It won’t happen for at least four to five years,” says O’Leary, given the manufacturer’s current backlog of widebody aircraft

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Greek carriers agree merger plans

Fast moving developments in Greek aviation – the country’s two main carriers Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air have agreed to merge.

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PayPal bags another airline

In the March 2010 print edition of Airline Business, which has just gone to press, we ran a piece talking about airline strategies to cut credit card transaction costs.   As part of this article, we looked at alternative payment options, such as PayPal. The piece went live on the Airlines Channel earlier this week. No sooner had […]

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Joining Simigdalas on Olympic’s odyssey

This month Airline Business was in Athens to talk to Antonis Simigdalas about Olympic Air, the project aimed at re-invigorating the Olympic name after years of losses

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Is short-haul business class dead?

London City Airport sits right at the heart of the UK capital’s financial district, making it a key airport for business travellers. If short-haul business class is going to work anywhere, it’s here. But yesterday key London City operator CityJet announced that it has decided to scrap its business class in favour of a premium-economy product. Surely this […]

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Anatomy of slot swap

. Delta and US Airways are still digesting a decision by DOT to require the divestment of a portion of slots they want to swap at Washington National and LaGuardia airports. They claim that if DOT succeeds in its effort for the divestiture of 14 slots at National and 20 at LaGuardia, they’ll walk away […]

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Is there a profitable future for Aer Lingus?

Aer Lingus gets to the facts of its financial story

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Turkish Airlines wrong-sided in Oman

There are probably several good reasons for choosing an escalator in a Muscat shopping mall as the site for a Turkish Airlines advertisement, but this isn’t any of them.

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