Kenya Airways and AFRAA make up

Kenya Airways has rejoined the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) after a six-year rift between the two, delivering on its promise to return once the leadership of the body changed.

Titus Naikuni, who is Kenya Airways chief executive, says the change of heart is directly linked with new AFRAA secretary general Nick Fadugba taking up office on 18 February. Fadugba succeeded Christian Folly-Kossi, who held the position for a decade.

KQ rejoins AFRAA.jpgRelations thawed after Naikuni paid Fadugba a “symbolically significant” visit. Naikuni has not visited AFRAA’s Nairobi HQ since 2004, which is astounding considering that both are Nairobi-based.

Naikuni says the rift was “due to its principled views on certain issues”, noting that the visit was to “re-establish close and cordial relations” with the African airline body, “marking the beginning of a new chapter in the KQ and AFRAA relationship”.

AFRAA says: “With the return of the national airline of the host country of the African Airlines Association, there is optimism that other African airlines that have withdrawn their membership will soon return.”

In addition to rejoining, Naikuni also paid the airline’s back membership fees for the last six years.

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