Is passenger acceptance growing on extra charges?

Interesting insight on passenger habits from market research agency BRDC which suggests travellers are, at the very least, getting used to the idea of paying separately for extras when booking  flights. The research shows two-thirds of those surveyed believe it is acceptable to charge for an extra bag and 61% thought likewise over charging for priority boarding. Here are some of the headling findings and you can find more on the survey here:

When purchasing airline tickets extras are often charged separately. Which of these do you think are acceptable to charge for as extras on your ticket price?


66%:  An extra item of hand luggage

61%:  Priority boarding

53%:  A seat reservation charge

50%:  Surcharge on people over a certain weight

29%:  A carbon off-setting charge

27%:  Assistance to aircraft if have mobility problems 

26%:  Paying for ticket on a credit card charge

25%:  To be checked in via a member of staff

18%:  To check in a bag

15%:  Paying for ticket on a debit card


Source: BDRC Continental (Q19) Base: All 20-64 year old online users (1005)

I think the least suprising bit here is 50% of people think its acceptable to put a surcharge on people over a certain weight – I assume this 50% of people are not over a certain weight and not in danger of having to pay the extra!

The unbundling of the elements in airline tickets, ferociously driven by low-cost carriers, has been one of the key in building airline ancillary revenues. We recently covered the topic in Airline Business – check out this article looking at how close the ancilliary revenue stream is to drying up.

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