Phone recharging gets the kiss of life at Helsinki Airport

Here’s a pretty cool little innovation that’s popped up at Helsinki Airport; a wireless phone recharger device which passengers can use to recharge their mobile phone while having a coffee at the airport waiting for their flight. The device is developed by a small start-up Finnish design firm Powerkiss, and specialises in integrating the charging device into various furniture surfaces. The airport says it is available at three locations at Helsinki; Café Aalto, Seasons restaurant and at Finnair’s lounge, and so far is not available at any other airport. Passengers can get the device from the cashier – free of charge but a deposit is necessary – and charge the device by finding the LED spot embedded in the furniture. It has the benefits of no wires and enabling passengers to recharge the phone in the same place as where they are sitting – no having to find a seat either next to or close enough to a power point to keep your eyes on the mobile.


powerkiss.jpgThe innovation was on show during the recent ITB Berlin travel trade show (for more on ITB, see this earlier blog) and marketing communications manager at Finnish airports operator Finnavia, Johanna Metsala, says the service fits with its customer-focused ‘smooth travelling’ initiative — which was launched to coincide with last year’s extension at Helsinki Airport  “Part of the idea is it combines new services which are useful for the passenger or increase passenger comfort, which is in line with out smooth travelling concept,” she explains.

And of course the obvious next question is if it can be integrated into furniture at the airport, is there any scope for one day doing it in the aircraft?

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