A disgrunted passenger overheard

I was in a card shop, close to the Airline Business offices earlier this week and my ears pricked up at the mention of air travel.

A well-spoken (and obviously well-travelled) man was standing at the till, explaining to the staff why he was sworn off air travel.

He griped that flying is disrupted by the “scare of the week, day or month”. While I’d like to come up with a strong counter argument, that’s a big ask right now.

“It’s easier to stay put,” he moaned. ”If it’s not strikes, its bird flu or a volcano.”

This was one random overheard conversation, but if this is the sentiment of the travelling public, airlines have got their work cut out.

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  1. JA Leake 29 April, 2010 at 3:17 pm #

    I am another who has sworn off traveling via airlines unless it is mandatory and no other way is available. I would add the hassle of “security”, passengers who think it is their “right” to take all they want on the airplane and stuff their seat backs in my face and impale my knees with their seat.

    Couple that with surly flight attendants, long queues for everything, and I stay put, or drive. I made that decision some years ago, and have over a million frequent flyer miles on one of the US airlines.

  2. Layman 30 April, 2010 at 3:38 pm #

    A few times a year we fly down to the coast for a short break. A one way trip from door to door lasts 5 hours but actual time in the air is 2. Three months ago, we elected to use the train instead. The train journey was 23 hours but what a difference in our mood when we arrive at the destination. No queues, security, surly and overworked attendants etc. We now see the train journey as part of the break and hello train, goodbye plane.

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