Airline video mayhem – some Easter viewing pleasure

OK it’s April Fool’s Day but this is no prank. Simply a collection of offbeat airline videos, many of them ads, for a bit of fun over the Easter weekend.

No 1: The AirTran Airways stampede - a low-cost carrier extolling the virtues of assigned seating, business class seats and Wi-Fi

 No 2: Southwest’s Battle Cry – Making the point with plenty of skin on show that it is good to fly bags for free

No 3: Air New Zealand’s safety video - now a YouTube favourite with over 5 million views! This is just a classic

No 4: If it’s an anime video it’s got to be a Japanese carrier – and it is: All Nippon Airways

And finally, No 5: Spain’s Vueling - to the tune of “When love takes over” seemingly the whole of the airline’s HQ gets involved in this epic “Vueling together”

Enjoy – and Happy Easter!

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