Debt-ridden football club Portsmouth owes Qatar Airways…20p

I know creditor lists which emerge when companies go into administration have a habit of showing up some pretty quirky items in amongst the financial carnage, but I can’t get my head round this one. The administrator of cash-strapped English premiership club 20 pence rexfeatures_750526d[1].jpgPortsmouth, in revealing debts in excess of £100 million, has just published a full list of creditors, which bizarrely on page 43 includes Middle East carrier Qatar Airways being owed the princely sum of 20 pence. Okay, air fares have come down a lot during the recession, but surely not that low….

…You can get more on the story here.

(Picture credit: Rex Features)


3 Responses to Debt-ridden football club Portsmouth owes Qatar Airways…20p

  1. Michael 22 April, 2010 at 10:08 am #

    If they sold a couple of players they could probably raise enough to pay Qatar off …

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